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James Riel

The Basics To Home Buying


When it comes time to think about buying a home, most take to the internet to begin their research. In most cases, this can be a great resource but we’ve also found that a lot of the information available is very basic, redundant, and doesn't quite take the perspective of a first-time homebuyer.

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We're hiring

As we finish up some final touches to our new East Cambridge location, we're looking to expand our team this summer. JR Associates is a boutique-style real estate and design/build brokerage covering all aspects of the housing industry under one roof. We specialize in not only residential sales and leasing but also property management, [...]

Market Predictions: Bullish on East Cambridge

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When you've spent the better part of a decade localizing your business to one zip code, you get a real sense of the market and the trends that spark redevelopment. In this case, Boston's 02127 submarket (South Boston) was the point of focus, as it underwent an incredibly dizzying transformation in such a short period of time. Watching the [...]

First Look // Cambridge Polish-American Club Redevelopment

Building 3d model

This past Monday night we got an inside look at the potential redevelopment project for the East Cambridge Polish-American Citizens Association at 747 Cambridge St. As our immediate next door neighbors, we took extra interest in learning about the scope of the project, its developer, and the architect behind the design. The project calls for [...]

A+ location with parking, South Boston multi-family hits the market.


JR Associates is at the helm of a rare 3-family apartment building listing in one of Boston's most highly desirable neighborhoods. The building is nestled on a picturesque stretch of East Broadway which resembles parts of San Francisco with its colorful facades, and sloping hills. For those unfamiliar with the neighborhood, this particular [...]

Tips on renting in Boston's red hot housing market.


As we progress through the calendar year towards September 1st, Boston's rental market only gets more frustrating to navigate. From group showings with multiple applicants to tirelessly combing through rental websites, James Riel of JR Associates provides some tips to help you land your rental without the headache.

Perkins Square Redevelopment Underway (02127)

Building blueprint

Another highly anticipated project is underway at the junction of East and West Broadway in South Boston. We've kept a close eye on this building long before it was finalized for redevelopment knowing it would be one of the most highly sought after corner lots in Southie. The approved development consists of 3 parcels all originally owned by [...]

South Boston Multi-families Are In High Demand

House picture

If you own a Multi-family property in South Boston you probably know by now that you're sitting on gold. No matter the condition, multi-families in South Boston are highly sought after in order to be redeveloped and converted into condominiums for sale or for rent. Sell out costs on new construction condos can reach as high as $750-$800 per [...]

Two Pre-construction Multi-family Projects For Sale In Southie


Everyone wants a piece of the South Boston real estate market, especially those seeking out properties with lots of upside development potential. However, it's become increasingly more difficult in South Boston to squeeze every last ounce of potential out of the property in order to maximize your return. As a result, the biggest risk for [...]

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