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First Look // Cambridge Polish-American Club Redevelopment

This past Monday night we got an inside look at the potential redevelopment project for the East Cambridge Polish-American Citizens Association at 747 Cambridge St. As our immediate next door neighbors, we took extra interest in learning about the scope of the project, its developer, and the architect behind the design. The project calls for 9 residential 2-bed condominiums, 8 units approximately 800 square feet and a larger ~1,200 SF unit. The initial design carves out roughly 1,500 SF on the ground floor level for the Polish-American club as a commercial condo. The building is broken up by the garage which is located in the center of the building offering 9 compact parking spots and bicycle parking all accessible by a Marion Street curb-cut. At first glance, it was an aesthetically pleasing design, functional floor plans and a number of concessions were made in respect to the neighborhood and to the current tenant. The presenters made it very clear that this project was in its infancy and that this was the first public outreach to garner feedback on the redevelopment. Nothing has been formally submitted to the city and no hearings were schedule.

We'll be keeping close tabs on this project and will continue to post updates on our blog. As always, if you have any questions about our services or anything with regard to our blog posts please feel free to contact us directly. #Cambridge #RealEstate #Redevelopment #Local #Condos #EC #EastCambridge #02141 #JRassociates

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